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Heated vest lilac


2 sizes, XL / 2XL and 3XL / 4XL. 6cm. expansion in circumference for each vest. Each vest covers two sizes, with zippers in the side for size regulation.

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  • Push button outside the vest to turn on / off and for temperature control.
  • Heating pads in composite carbon with infrared heat field in front of each side of the breast and a large behind the back.
  • 7.4V Lithium Rechargeable Battery included with the purchase of heated vest – extra battery can be bought separately.
  • 100V ~ 240V universal AC adapter / charger included with the purchase of heated vest.
  • 3 temperature settings for maximum comfort.
    • High, 65 degrees and 4-5 hours heating time.
    • Medium, 50 degrees and 5 hours – 6 hours heating time.
    • Low; 40 degrees and 7-9 hours heating time.

Instructions vest:

    • Charge the battery. The charger will turn green when the battery is fully charged. (about 4 hrs.)
    • Connect the battery to the cable in the inside pocket on the left side.
    • Hold on / off button for 2-3 seconds. (pre-heating starts when the red light flashing)
    • The pre-heating can be overruled by pushing the button. After pre-heating, the vest turns down to minimum heating (white light)
    • Adjust the desired heating level by pushing the on / off button.
    • Red light (max) Blue light (medium) White light (min)
    • Be sure to remove the battery when washing.