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Hand warmer


Our cordless hand warmer is ingenious for outdoor use, if you are sitting or standing much quiet. With this warmer you do not need gloves or anything else.

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Our hand warmer is equipped with control buttons, both inside and out so that you can adjust the temperature as desired.
Heating time from 4-8 hours. 3 temperature settings for maximum comfort
Our experts believe this product is perfect for hunting, ice fishing, security work at the railway and other “stationary” activity.

Instructions hand warmer:

  • Recharge the battery. The charger will turn green when the battery is fully charged.
  • Connect the battery to the cable in the pocket .
  • Hold on / off button for 2-3 seconds. (pre-heating starts when the red light flashing) The pre-heating can be overruled by pushing the button. After pre-heating, the vest turns down to minimum heating (white light)
  • Adjust the desired heating level by pushing the on / off button.
  • Red light (max) Blue light (medium) White light (min).
  • Be sure to remove the battery when washing.