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Heated socks


The socks are made of very elastic material. Sewn-in heating wire under and above the balls of the toes, which warms up the toes and the surrounding areas, because this is where you freeze first. The heating socks have a switch on the battery for on/off and temperature regulation.

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Product name: Electrically heated socks
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 4.0~4.5W
Charging time: 5-6H
Service times Full effect: 4-10H
Single power supply: 4000mAh/5000mAh
Level: 4 level temperature settings
Heating method: heating wire
Thermal range: 35-65°C
Main material: 22.5% viscose fiber, 52.5% nylon,
10% polyester, 15% spandex
Size: 38 to 46


1、Check the battery level of the special battery for socks, and charge them to full state.

2、 Distinguish between left and right socks and wear them correctly, keep the battery pocket on the outside of the calf.

3、Put on socks and insert the DC plug into the battery,Then put the battery into the battery pocket

4、Press the switch button and the battery indicator and temperature indicator will light up. The four white lights represent the battery level. Four green lights indicate 35/45/55/65°C respectively.

5、Click the button to adjust the temperature as needed (the lights are all on for the highest temp).

6、 Press the switch button for 2 seconds to turn off.


1、The water temperature should not exceed 122°F (50℃)

2、The battery must be removed before washing/cleaning. (note that the battery cannot be washed with water)

3、Socks must be put in the laundry bag when machine washing. Hand washing is recommended for more safety

4、Take out the power cord and dry it naturally after washing

5、Do not use a high temperature iron or dry it at high temperature


1、ONLY use and heat the socks with the included battery.

2、Recommend to charge and activate it every 60 days if the battery is not used often.

3、 It is recommended not to use high temperature for a long time to avoid skin discomfort.

4、Do not use during sleep at night to prevent low temperature burns.

5、When you do not use the product, please unplug the battery for storage.

6、Not recommended for use on people who are not sensitive to heat.

7、This is only the electronic health product for the household and should not be used for diagnostic, therapeutic or other commercial purposes.

8、The battery should not be near fire sources or the high temperature object.


1、Do not approach high temperature, flammable or explosive objects.

2、Do not hit the battery with force, and do not disassemble it

or put it back together.