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Vacuum bags

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*The package contains 100 bags
*200 my thickness
*Vacuum bags ready for use
*Fits most vacuum packers
*Extends the shelf life of food
*Approved for freezing and Sous vidè
*Distributes moisture well
*LFGB Approved

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Vacuum bags with the most suitable embossing for faster vacuuming. The bags are manufactured in the best quality and thicker plastic (200my) than our competitors, and distribute moisture better inside the bag. Another advantage of thicker plastic is that handling in the freezer can be less gentle and causes less damage to your vacuum-sealed products. The vacuum bags are LFGB approved, the same for freezing and Sous Vidè.

Vacuum-sealed food has an extended shelf life by 4-5 times. This makes vacuuming perfect for preserving the shelf life of dinner leftovers, or for freezing, for example, fish, meat, mushrooms and berries. The bags are very easy to use – you fill the bag, put it in the vacuum packer and make sure it seals the bag at the end of the process.

Our bags are produced with Easyrip. A small tab in the bag means that you can easily open it without a knife/scissors and avoids shrinkage and clinging.

The pack contains 100 bags, and fits most vacuum packers.

The bags also come in the following sizes:
13x50cm. Eur 29 per 100 pcs.
18x26cm. Eur 23 per 100 pcs.
20x20cm. Eur 24 per 100 pcs.
20x25cm. Eur 25 per 100 pcs.
20x30cm. Eur 26 per 100 pcs.
25x35cm. Eur 27 per 100 pcs.
25x40cm. Eur 30 per 100 pcs.