Heated insoles

Heated insoles


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We are sold out of heated insoles size 41-47, we will come back with info. re. delivery date.

Heat Insoles with remote on / off and temperature regulation.

An infrared fields that are embedded in the insole that warms the toes and the surrounding areas, because that is where you freeze first.

3 temperature settings for maximum comfort.
High, 55 degrees and 3-4 hours of heating time.
Medium, 50 degrees and 4-5 hours of heating time.
Low, 45 degrees and 6-7 hours of heating time.

The charger has two sockets for charging both insoles simultaneously. 230V wall charger included with the purchase of insoles.

The battery is built into the insoles
The insoles can be cutted into the desired size, between eurosize 35-47.

Instructions heating insoles

  • Heating insoles – Charge the insoles.
  • The charger will turn green when the soles are fully charged.
  • Turn on the insoles with the buttons on the insoles before installing into the shoes.
  • Hold H, M or L button for 2-3 seconds to start insoles with remote control.
  • Adjust the desired heating level by squeezing. H, M, or L button.
  • To turn off the soles, hold the off-button for about 2-3 sec.
  • The insoles can be switched on / off without remote control too.
  • Use the same procedure as above but use the button in the rear of the insoles to turn on / off and to change the heating level of the insoles.
  • If the insoles dont start with the remote control, the insoles and remote need to be linked again.
  • To link, you must hold on / off button on the insoles until the diodes flashing in the rear area on the insoles, then release the button and press one of H, M or L buttons on the remote control. Perform the same procedure on the second insole too.

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