Heated Vest black

Heated Vest black


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Heated Vest

 We have received the confirmation from our factory that the goods will be shipped to us over the weekend. Therefore, we are now opening for ordering all vests in all sizes. Some longer delivery time for some sizes may occur.

5 sizes: XS/S , M/L,  XL/2XL,  3XL/4XL,  5XL/6XL 6cm. expansion in circumference for each vest.

Each vest covers two sizes, with zippers in the side for size regulation.

Push button outside the vest to turn on / off and for temperature control.

Heating pads in composite carbon with infrared heat field in front of each side of the breast and a large behind the back.

3 temperature settings for maximum comfort. High, 65 degrees and 4-5 hours heating time.
Medium, 50 degrees and 5 hours – 6 hours heating time. Low; 40 degrees and 7-9 hours heating time

7.4V Lithium Rechargeable Battery included with the purchase of heated vest – extra battery can be bought separately.

100V ~ 240V universal AC adapter / charger included with the purchase of heated vest.


Instructions vest

  • Charge the battery. The charger will turn green when the battery is fully charged. (about 4 hrs.)
  • Connect the battery to the cable in the inside pocket on the left side.
  • Hold on / off button for 2-3 seconds. (pre-heating starts when the red light flashing)
  • The pre-heating can be overruled by pushing the button. After pre-heating, the vest turns down to minimum heating (white light)
  • Adjust the desired heating level by pushing the on / off button.
  • Red light (max) Blue light (medium) White light (min)
  • Be sure to remove the battery when washing.